Burgamy Hall Layouts

Need an event space for a small group? Consider Our Savior's Burgamy Hall for your next event, meeting or workshop. Our rates are competitive and the venue is located on a beautiful 9-acre tranquil campus surrounded by gardens.
Below are possible hall layout configurations for your event.

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Banquet Buffet Style #1 - Center Food Station

This layout is ideal for a buffet style banquet. The center of the room will hold four 6ft long tables, up to a maximum of 24ft. in length. Five round tables can be placed along the side walls and three along the hearth area. Six chairs per table provides comfort and ease of movement.

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Banquet Buffet Style #2 - Side Food Stations

This layout will accommodate up to 78 people. Three 6ft long buffet tables can be setup on each side of the hall along the walls. Thirteen round tables each with six chairs can be arranged as shown in the layout drawing.

Conference Room Layout

This layout is ideal for small group meetings, conferences or workshops. Twelve chairs on each row divided by an aisle. Up to a maximum of ten rows or 120 chairs.

Wedding Banquet Sit Down Style #1 - Head Table Front

Perfect for small wedding receptions where food is served and brought to the table. Three 6ft long tables are put together to make for the head table along the hearth. This layout allows for ten round tables with seating for six persons per table for comfort and ease of movement. A small dance floor may also be added near the head table.

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