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How Can I Share?


            You can share in the mission of Our Savior in several ways. 


Being Present in Worship

Bring your personal energy and presence into the life of the larger parish. 

When you change the energy of that gathering, your relationships with God and the people deepen.



Pray for the clergy by name. 

Pray for people you know by name. 

Pray for the staff by name.



Contact us and we will help guide you.


        Support the parish Financially.

You can make an annual financial commitment, donate once, or set up automatic reoccurring giving.

Your financial support helps the parish to continue her ministry and your legacy of faithfulness.

You can give online by clicking here. 


We share out of gratitude for all that God and the Christian community give to us. 

We cannot pay back those who bless us, and we certainly cannot pay God back.

We can however, pass on/share with others what we have received.

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